Go Western On Wattlehurst Farm & Visit Deadwood Western Town uk                                                                                                  Event Fee’s       PRICES B/HOLIDAY W/ENDS £35 OTHER W/ENDS £25     THIS IS BASED ON 2 ADULTS +CHILDREN UNITS WITH     MORE THAN 2 ADULTS WILL BE CHARGED AN EXTRA                        £5 PER ADULT PER WEEKEND, WE DO NOT OFFER SINGLE NIGHTS AT WEEKENDS.            PRICES ARE BASED ON 1,2,OR 3 NIGHTS. WE DO OFFER A SLIGHT REDUCTION FOR AUTHENTIC CAMPS, EXTRA NIGHTS BEFORE AND AFTER W/ENDS ARE £5.           AT THE DATE OF PRINTING THE BANDS BOOKED                                ARE AS ADVERTISED,      WE DO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE BANDS IF THE BANDS BOOKED CANNOT APPEAR FOR ANY REASON,            A FULL UPDATE OF BANDS WILL BE ISSUED                 AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON.                 WATTLEHURST FARM AND DEADWOOD IS          A COUNTRY AND WESTERN/ LINE DANCE VENUE, PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND WHEN CONSIDERING YOUR VISITS.     PLEASE REMEMBER WHEN VISITING WATTLEHURST,   THAT WE ARE A WORKING FARM . THE FARM, ANIMALS, AND WOODLAND, SHOULD BE RESPECTED AT ALL TIMES.            CHILDREN ARE WELCOME ON ALL WEEKENDS                     BUT THEY ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY                          OF THE PARENTS/GUARDIANS                   THOSE FAILING TO SHOW RESPECT OR                  SUPERVISION WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.                                                                                The Committee             Gli Keet Tel: 07541145014 GliKeet@deadwood.org.uk                                              Return to Event Dates                                       Return to our home page ©  Copyrights  2000/2020  Deadwood Western Town Wattlehurst Farm  All rights reserved.  ®             Webmaster Contact                        Irish      webmaster@deadwood.org.uk