(C) Copyrights Deadwood Western Town Uk, Wattlehurst Farm 2000/2020 (R) Go Western On Wattlehurst Farm And Visit Deadwood Western Town Uk >>>>>>>>> Deadwood On Wattlehurst After a lot of hard work and long hours A group of western re-enactors have built a western town, That is a re-creation of a typical old west town of the 1870's-1880's.         Run By Gli & Emily        --------------------        A Court House          Run By  Tony  A Blacksmith -------------------- -------------------- Church & School House Run By David & Margaret A Bank Run By Terry -----------------------------   ---------------------- A GunSmiths Run By Ryder ---------------------- Eating House, Trading post, Run By Slade ------------------------ A Haberdashery A Marshal Office ------------------------ ----------------------- A Mercantile Store Inside you will find wood burning stoves, oil burning lamps, and general decor of how the buildings would have been back in the 1880's. The town is on the woodlands of Wattlehurst farm, which  has encampments along the outskirts of the town. Be it from a A Trappers Cabin To An Indian Settlement Or A Poor Irish Immigrant who migrated  from his home land escaping the Great Hunger,     1845/1850  'An Gorta Mor' Seeking fame and fortune in them thar black hill's of Dakota.!   www.Irish-immigrant.me.uk       --------------------- Barbers / Undertaker           Run By Rick’O’ Shea           & Family       -----------------------              Date's of events   and open week   ends, Fee's Etc,   can be viewed   on the events page, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                      “ Wattlehurst Farm & Deadwood Town  Contact Detail’s “                         webmaster             Irish        What are we looking at [Ask the couple ?] You are looking at a farm in the UK, [ Reply Tour guide ], Farms not another farm [Say couple]. Wait hold on this is not just your average farm with chickens and sheep or horses on the land or even a lama on display, but a farm that has a unique attraction that speaks for it self, A Wild West Town Named ' Deadwood ' [Explains the tour guide] That interesting tell us more [Reply the couple] . I will ,But firstly It Gives me great pleasure to Introduce you to your host, " Brian " Who Say's Hello or [ Howdy' all and a very warm welcome to ' Wattlehurst farm ' I Thank you all for your visit to our web site and farm And I do hope you all enjoy your stay, and will visit again.] Thank you Brian, and for more information on Wattlehurst farm & deadwood town.. read on [says tour guide] Wattlehurst farm hold country & western dance week-ends in the main barn on the farm with visiting bands from around the country  Tea shop on site and burger stall open in the evening during entertainment hour's,                                 Also raffles held with great prizes.                                 ---------------------------------------------              " Deadwood History “ Deadwood Late 1800rds ,Deadwood was in the late 1800's A mining town,  fortunes made & lost overnight was common in deadwood , be it by a gunslinger or gold digger,  Indian or  evangelists, murderer to marshal, prostitutes to presidents -- Deadwood and the Black Hills have ever held an attraction to personalities known worldwide. Deadwood Dick, Sitting Bull, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, Crazy Horse, Sam Bass, Babe Ruth, Wyatt Earp, William Jennings Bryan, Gutzon Borglum, Calamity Jane, The Sundance Kid, Calvin Coolidge, Mark Twain, Preacher Smith, George Armstrong Custer, Bat Masterson, Poker Alice, Black Elk, Aunt Sally, Big Foot, Teddy Roosevelt -- the famous and infamous have sought faith, folly, fortune, and fun in "them thar hills." ------------------------------------ A time or two across the years, the dice seemed loaded -- the chips were down and the game looked to be played out.  But when the fickle Fates tried to stack the deck against Deadwood, the plucky South Dakota gold camp called their bluff. For Deadwood, things always seem to " pan out." To this day ! Perchance it's because Lady Luck smiles on Deadwood. .. Deadwood makes time stand still to afford its lucky visitors the romantic, Wild West atmosphere that keeps it famous..! Deadwood western town To-day Deadwood town members are proud that ' Brian Betchley ' the farm owner has kindly given his permission to have the town on his farm , and look forward to many many happy years at wattlehurst.! You can visit Deadwood on open weekends Friday or Saturday Between 10am and 5pm, ....Sunday’s and any bank holiday that falls on a monday 10am and 2pm.. and look around inside the buildings and meet the towns folk, who love to chat about the history and creation of the town . There are also some Authentic weekends at Deadwood, when westerners camp in authentic tents on a  field just outside the town. Wattlehurst Farm Also Has Dance week-end's ,  where visiting band's provide entertainment for all in the barn All visitors are made welcome and invited to camp over night with their authentic tents on the authentic field, or caravan  on the family field.! Modern Tents Also Welcome on the Family Field Deadwood  Has appeared on many major TV channels, BBC,ITV,Chnl4 , because the location is ideal for filming, be it for a drama, kids program, documentary, wedding , you name it, ? Deadwood is a non profit organization and lives from  members support and visitors donations, and that alone makes deadwood what it is to-day a place where there are no strangers, but just great friends! If you would like to do any filming at Wattlehurst or deadwood please contact  ' Gli Keet ' Deadwood Town Mayor  Tel: 075-411-45014                                 Irish Immigrant’s Camp                                     Gli Keet                      Deadwood town Mayor                                                                                                                                                                    Wattlehurst Farm                                                                                                                                          West Sussex RH12 3SD                   Telephone : 07541145014                                                               Message for friends who we have not yet meet with, and/or not been on wattlehurst farm, The land Address Of Deadwood Western Town Uk and Wattlehurst Farm , Is                “ Wattlehurst Farm', Kingsfold, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 3SD ”                                           Our thanks to all visitors for your time visiting the Official web site                                                               for deadwood town and Wattlehurst farm,                             We look forward to seeing you all again soon, Drive safely from all at Wattlehurst farm, Glikeet@deadwood.org.uk
           Follow Us On FaceBook, Twitter And You Tube                  Above Some Of the Video’s we have on you tube ,                                   To View More Click Here                                             Visitors Since Feb 2016                                            Adios Amigos Deadwood show team re-enactments                 ------------------- A Saloon Sign Our Guest Book webmaster@deadwood.org.uk Click On the Photo below To View our new Gallery                  E-Mail Follow Us On Twitter                Or         Facebook Settlers          To view our Open week-end Dates           please Click on the banner above          where you will find a printable copy  Follow Us On Twitter               Or         Facebook                 Dance Week-end’s          Contact : Lee      Tel: 07885770734

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 Step back in time on a digital tour              around     Deadwood Western Town Uk         To Begin your digital tour                   Click On           The Image’s above For all or any booking , fee's , camping ,Filming,Visit's, etc,etc .      Please phone our Town mayor who will kindly assist you ..                  Mr Gli Keet   (Deadwood town mayor)                              Mobile : 07541145014